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  • Logo of the Research Team

    ASOCED is formed by a group of teachers from the University of Oviedo who share professional interests and the aim to promote knowledge. They are developing projects, studies, reports, analysis and publications which have received experts' attention. 

    With illusion, effort and hard work they have built a number of contributions which are present in national and international media. Most of their work focuses on three main areas: education, society and culture. Each of them have been largely studied by previous researches. Their implications and reciprocal relationships are being considered from diverse and complex perspectives. 

    The society, for example, considered alone or under the influence of all the elements that form it (institutions, communities, classes, teachers, ideologies, believings, systems and subsystems...) constitute a constantly changing world. Families as unity of coexistence have also received special attention in the group. The same has happened with other organizations. Anything that happens inside education and teaching must be considered.  New theories which claim the social dependency of society have appeared and their roles and functions have changed a lot. Research cannot stop due to this dynamism. Photo of four of the Research team members

    Culture is also essential to analyse educational practices. Culture transcends the social dimension although its origin is social. Education must be interpreted inside a cultural context. Nowadays a cultural revolution and transformation is taking place. Therefore the study the impact of this transformations in education need to be studied. Some studies have already put their focus on this fact but there is still room for new areas or research.

    ASOCED research team, formed in the area of Theory and History of Education, cannot forget the study of the education system understood as a specific reality, with exclusive and own properties. Moreover, the fact that education has always a sociocultural context as reference and the maintenance of qualitative and quantitative relationships with it, means that the educational actions have their own features, different from other activities in which the educational tasks take place. Very diverse pedagogical theories, theories of education and of teaching have appeared. We can have the impression that anyone can comment on them. We can point out utopias, ideologies of all kinds and also internal contradictions. The study of all of them, of educations, its limits and possibilities, contents, organizations, agents and aims is quite necessary. 

    Photo of nine of the Research team members

    ASOCED has all these ideas in mind. The group is present in seminars, congresses and has cooperation networks with other countries research teams. The group wants to share all the already achieved knowledge and the future one.