Knowledge transfer

Photo of book: Construir lo cotidiano. Un programa de educación parental

One of the key pints of research, also including educational one, is knowledge transfer to society. ASOCED research team assumes this task in their cooperation with all the agents which have responsibility in educational practices:


- Families

- Teachers

- Education authorities and institutions which assume teachers' continuous training


To fulfil this social objective, and related with one their main research priorities "Familiy and Education/ Parenting Educational Programs" the ASOCED Research team has freely developed Parental Education Programs with families in several public and private schools in the Principality of Asturias:

Colegio Dulce Nombre de Jesús-Dominicas (Oviedo), C.P. Gesta I (Oviedo), Colegio Patronato San José (Gijón), C.P. Lorenzo Novo Mier (Oviedo), C.P. Poeta Ángel González (Oviedo), C.P. Roces (Colloto, Oviedo) or CEIP L´Ablanu (Infiesto).

Photo of the observers training developed at the University of Oviedo

This work has represented a very fruitful experience to share time and thoughts with families, allowing to relate basic and applied research. Anyone interested in joining this Parental Education Program can obtain further information in the following Brochure.


Regarding other of the group research priorities: "Teaching Effectiveness" ASOCED has worked with teachers from Lower Secondary Education, Upper Secondary Education and Vocational Education and Training. The main idea has been to consider the ICALT model as a reference to improve teaching practices. Members of the Servicio de Evaluación de la Consejería de Educación in the Principality of Asturias and also from the Centro de Profesores y Recursos have also attended these sessions.


ASOCED always sends technical reports and certificates to all the participants in their research projects. With this procedure schools, teachers and families can receive feedback about the results. It is also a way to thank their kind cooperation.

Image of the certificate sent to one of the schools, and photo of a group of students answering a questionnaire